Thursday, February 1, 2018

Preschool - Touch Point Numeral One

Even though I feel that I've transitioned from early learning to being more relaxed, I have discovered that there are still some eager learners out there.  I suppose all children are eager, but perhaps the shift is in the scheduling and delivery.  :)  Either way, I do purpose to be more relaxed with Noah over the next 3 years, but today when he asked for "school" my philosophy wouldn't let me turn him down.  Oh, no.  No good opportunity should be wasted.  So I set this up for him.

Touch Math - Touch Point Cube for the numeral 1.

You can grab a FREE copy from their website by clicking HERE.
In fact, you'll notice that they have a whole stack of them to pick up.

You can print them out in color or black and white.

I put it together for him. 

I also pulled out a fresh new page/pack of numerals to pair up to the cube activity.  If you never buy anything else from them, buy a pack of these.  They're awesome!  So handy to have.

Then after we looked at the cube and the card for the numeral 1 I set up a salt tray for him to practice writing the numeral.  I always keep a separate container of cooking salt just for tray work.  You can use it for all sorts of things.

After that, school for him was over.

But I think he did listen in on Charlottes SOTW II story for the day.  lol

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