Thursday, February 8, 2018

Rod and Staff Reading Grade 1 Unit 1

Charlotte has now finished the first book for Rod and Staff Reading Grade 1 - Unit 1.

It is truly a beautiful introduction to reading.  It is christian in its focus and delivery, as is the entire series.  The book unabashedly upholds high character and family values.  Something that many beginner readers lack these days, and of which I am very pleased to have been able to find and purchase.  It has been a huge blessing in our home with several beginning readers over the years.

Even though it is a thin book, it holds 30 little stories with illustrations inside.  Just right for a new beginning reader.  Each lesson / story gently incorporates new words.

The stories are illustrated with black and white lined drawings.

In the back of the book we find a couple of list word helps.  I used this particular set to quickly introduce her to the new words for each reading, just prior to the reading.  That way it wasn't over whelming or difficult at all.  And often we discovered that she already knew the words.  This just gave her all the more confidence to do the reading.

It's very gentle in the amount of words that they introduce at each lesson.

There are workbooks that also go with these stories, but we are currently just using it as a reader.


I thought I'd do a random, no practice, over the shoulder video of Charlotte reading last week. Just filming memories. 

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