Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Word of the Day + { freebie }

I've been tossing and turning about HOW to implement this little beauty into our school day.  A great idea, but how to fit it in with all the other great ideas that we already have?

Additionally - what WORDS should I use?

I did find a neat list online.

Got any ideas??

ps.  If you click the worksheet you can download it for FREE.

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  1. That's always the problem, isn't it? Fitting all the good things into each day.... Thanks for linking up!

  2. I know; I have like a gazillion awesome things I want the girls to learn and do, but yeah, life is limited. :o)

  3. Your "Word of the Day" printable is cute - the one I made for us is boring. LOL

    1. Are you still homeschooling? How are things going these days?


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