Tuesday, December 31, 2013

6 x Multiplication Pack

I had another awesome super productive day here today.  Yes, yes I did.  And what did I get done?  Oh, just another little book, a little 59 page multiplication book for the 6 x tables.  As it turns out I'm going to be needing them super soon because little Miss Hannah is already working on her 4 x tables, and she already does her 2x, 3x, and 5x tables - that's scary isn't it? { She's only 4 years old but to be fair she'll be 5 soon. }

Anyway, here's a little bit of a peek at what's in it:

Set in a Bird / Bird Nest theme.

Included in this file are: 

1. 6 x Times Tables Cards and Answers
Two sets of cards with a Bird Nest theme with Multiplication questions on them. These are followed by the answer cards. Print, laminate, cut apart and use.

2. 6 x Division Cards and Answers
Teaching multiplication is all about patterns and should be taught with division facts as well. Included is a set of cards for division, followed by the answer cards. Print, laminate, cut apart and use.

3. 6 x Fraction Cards and Answers
Just for fun for fast finishers, or given to advanced students who may need more of a challenge. A set of cards followed by the answer cards.

4. Sequencing Cards
Count by 6 - Sequencing cards. Print, laminate, cut apart and use.
These go up to 96 { 16 cards }.

5. Less Than / Greater Than matts.
Use the sequencing cards to set up less than / greater than amounts. Recording worksheets included.   Or use the multiplication, fraction, or division cards to do likewise.

6. Skip Counting Jigsaw strips
A quick little timetable practice. Self correcting.

7. Worksheets
Speed Drills. Color by 6; Skip count by 6. This worksheet can be used again and again for beginners. Start counting by 6 from any number. 
There are also a number of worksheets at the end of the file as well.

8. Mini Cards
4 sets of cards; Multiplication, Division, and Fractions. Use as flash cards, or print two copies each. Cut one out and use the other as a game board. 

9. Black and White Versions
ALL the cards again with NO color. This way the children can color them in themselves. Or print them out on colored paper to make different sets in your math centre. 

10. Another set of sequencing cards
This set has bird nest clipart included. 

11. Teaching / Modelling Multiplication Cards

59 Pages

Edited to add - I also got to printing, laminating, and cutting.

Miss Hannah couldn't wait and has already had a play with her new cards.

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