Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Character Worksheets { freebie }

One of the things that I worked on in December happened to be the Character Worksheets.  These new worksheets are very specifically designed to work with this book:

{ Oh, this book is the secular version - so useful in public school classrooms too. }

This 53 page download contains worksheets for 49 Character traits.

Here's an example:

It covers spaces for which animal reflects this character, definition of the character, rewards of this character, a quote for this character, and space for the 'I will's' too.

Each page is matched as close as I could to the animal presented in the book.

My intention is to do one little tiny section each school day - taking one school week to complete each worksheet.  Nothing too taxing on the girls, but hopefully passing the message and understanding of each character as we go.

If you'd like a copy - just click on either picture sample to download from googledocs.

Ah, and now that this little project is done I need to go back and continue working on updating the other original pages { and finishing them off as well }.  I am thinking of making them for junior writers who can't squish all this information on the one page.

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  1. You have shared adorable post regarding Worksheets, I really like your huge collection of worksheets, I think worksheets are important for the kids who study at early stage. I appreciated you to sharing great collection. i also have some worksheets for math Problems, you must see my Website to give some useful suggestion.

  2. Is this the secular version of "The Power of True Success" from IBLP? Would I be able to use that book with these worksheets instead? If so, which one would you recommend as being easier to teach to children? THANK YOU so much for this wonderful resource!!!

  3. Hi Kimberley,

    Yes, this book is the secular version that they have. Yes, the character worksheets { and the new ones too - 'Character - What It Looks Like' } are based on the use of this book. For younger children I definitely think this particular book is excellent and highly recommend it, { even though there is NO christian focus in it }.

  4. Thank you so much for these! I will use this with my boys as we go through the book this school year...


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