Monday, November 25, 2013

Writing with the Really Littles

I've been doing most of our writing with Chloe - 8, but today I wanted to try out some group writing with the 6 and 4 year olds.  { They have been pretty much restricted to copywork and workbook stuff, so it made a nice change for them. }

We started with me reading this book:

Then I did a little MIND MAP with them.

From that I asked each girl to give me a sentence for our writing.

Phebe's { 6 } writing:

Hannah's { 4 } writing:

I really like how the worksheets walk the children through one step at a time, one fact at a time.  It makes the writing process a bit more easier.  These are draft pages, so once the information is there they could copy it over to another page without all the prompts.

I'll be offering these worksheets in a new 365 Days pack on Ants tomorrow.

Additionally I'll be re-opening up a new tab to house the links to all the other { older } 365 Days packs too.  I really like these for quick writing when the children are really little, and with that in mind I want to add quite a number of new ones { in the updated and expanded format } as well.

One last thought, I am also wondering if it would be beneficial in making an Ant Day Pack { a different type of pack series that I have }.

Just thoughts......

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