Friday, November 8, 2013

A Little Piggy Essay and Craft

This week Chloe wanted to do her essay on Pigs.

I don't think that it worked to her advantage to do this after a full morning out on a hot day.  She was quite tired when she sat down to get this piece done.

Still, there's quite a bit of work there though, which is good, but I just would of liked to have seen it done a bit more neatly, with more accuracy.  We did the oral narration for it yesterday, so today, all she needed to do was copy what she had told me.  I just think the morning out totally trashed her ability to do a good job on the copywork portion.

During the week Chloe did her reading from a little book that we had on pigs on our bookshelves. That's where she got the idea to do a paper mache project.  

Here's her little piggy bank so far.

Phebe's little piggy bank.  Crazy full amount of paint on there.  It's going to take DAYS to dry.

Hannah decided that the temptation to ruin mine, and her piggy bank, left her with the only choice of doing a plain paper painting.

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