Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Science - Grade 4

I did think about having Chloe do Christian Light Education Science 4 { I have it sitting in my cupboard ready to go } but then I thought that it might be better to go with something like this instead.  We can always toggle between the two if it works better that way.  We'll just have to see how it goes next year.  Better to be over prepared, than under.

I really like a lot of stuff from RIC Publications.  They just make things a heap easier for me.

{ Year 4 }

They have a FULL curriculum line for Grades 1 - 7.

As always, a contents page gives you a quick outline at what can be found within the book.

Inquiry Science Overview.  These are also included in the individual teacher notes pages.

And because I'm a paper girl, I've already got our full year photocopied and stapled up ready to go.

Each lesson comes with 4 pages.  A Teachers Notes page - which covers content focus, inquiry skills focus, background information, preparation, lessons, and answers to the worksheets.  A Students Reading Passage.  Then two worksheets.

A sample reading page for the student.

The first worksheet that goes with the above reading passage.

The second worksheet that goes with the reading passage.

So easy to follow.  So easy to set up.  So easy to do.  No stress~!!

Additionally the book also includes blank FORMS for reports and experiments.

Twenty main lessons, and twenty other activities including experiments under 4 main strands:  biological sciences, chemical sciences, earth and space sciences, and physical sciences.

What do you have planned for Science next year?


  1. We used RIC for some of the SOSE in Primary and like you, the format was easy and the children liked it.We had to skip or heavily edit some of the sections but most was great. Having a year's worth ready to go is great. None of my children have liked Science much, unfortunately.

  2. Yes, having a full years worth of ready made lessons certainly takes the stress off for me. :o) My children have really enjoyed Science this year. Chloe in particular kept asking to do experiments. I tend to try and hide when that happens - but she likes trying things out. Hoping this book works well with her next year. :o)


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