Saturday, November 16, 2013

Australian History

I was starting to feel a little unsure about how I wanted our Australian History program to run next year.  I have a heap of awesome books to use as read alouds, but not so much in the way of worksheets.  So I decided that I'd like a little pre-made help and went and bought an awesome black line master for Grade 4 from RIC Publications here in Australia.  I chose to get a black line master so I can use it again and again with the other girls at a later date.

{ Feel free to click the cover to have a peek
at it online over at the RIC Publications website. }

They have a FULL curriculum program available for Grades 1 - 7.  I choose to purchase Book D since Chloe will be in Grade 4 and our Australian focus will be in our 4th year History cycle.  Additionally I felt that Phebe would also be able to benefit from it as well.

The book itself covers quite a lot.  There are 25 lessons within.

And comes with Teacher Notes as well.

There are also timeline resources included.

In the back of the book are some Quiz cards to use for revision or quick assessment.

Each lesson is divided up into a reading page followed by two worksheet pages.  Each lesson also includes notes for the teacher in the form of a timeline, indicators, worksheet information, answers, and further exploration.  So I don't think I'm going to be lost anymore.  Yay~!!  I DO like to leave a paper trail wherever we work.

I really like this format.  Here's a lesson from the book:  The Teacher Notes.

The reading passage.  Every passage includes a nice picture of the topic at hand.  There are also a variety of ways that the passages and worksheets are presented.

A worksheet that accompanies the page above.

A second worksheet that goes with the previous two pages.

So, between the teacher notes and 3 pages a lesson for the student, I'm sure that we'll get a good feel for quite a lot of Australian History next year.

I'm really looking forward to squishing in these worksheets amongst all the Australian themed books that I want to read next year.  The book selections will be something to share about just in themselves.

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