Thursday, November 2, 2017

Guy Fawkes Day - The Gunpowder Plot

All teaching British History - put your hands up.


Here's one for the 5th of November:

Our Island Story Guy Fawkes Day Gunpowder Plot

How this pack gets used is largely depending upon what grade level it is used for. It works a little different from most school material because it can actually work for ALL the primary grades with little to no tweaking.  True story.

For grades 1 - 4 
Use the 4 page reading passage as a read aloud in the classroom. 
Follow through with the vocabulary, letter writing, jigsaw, paragraph writing templates and worksheets as provided.

For grades 5 - 7
Use the passage for outlining and writing their own essay.
It will take about 4 lesson times to complete. 
Activity 1 - Read the passage, do the worksheets.
Activity 2 - Write an outline.
Activity 3 - Write an essay based on the outline.
Activity 4 - Proofread, edit, add illustrations for final presentations.

A short program guide.
A lengthy 4 page passage.
Vocabulary scrap page { introductory piece to topic }
A comprehension page { introductory piece to topic }
A letter writing page { introductory piece to topic }
Vocabulary cut and paste.
Vocabulary cut apart cards.
Two writing templates for paragraph writing for the littles.
A jigsaw.
The Gunpowder Plot Rhyme.

So, if you don't already have your barrels in a row for Guy Fawkes Day, I'd love to help you with that.  Just click on the cover up there at the top and head over to the store where I've done all the hard work for you.  All you'll have to do is print and deliver.

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