Saturday, November 4, 2017

Spider Jigsaws and Supplements

As some of you know, I have been immersed in writing a Spider Lapbook.  It's going to be slow and steady since I don't have a home of my own just yet.  To complicate it we'll have to detour to a caravan stay for a couple of weeks as well.

Along the way I've been detoured a couple of times with supplementals.

Here's one:

12 Spider Jigsaw Puzzles

Yep, a whole book of Spider Types as jigsaws.

I've put both a colored version and a black line version of each spider in there.

It's 12 different spiders, but 24 pages.

Super fun, super handy if you just happen to be doing Spiders in your theme work.

12 Spider Jigsaw Puzzles
I also have some Spider Types Bracelets / Arm Bands depending if you are male or female.

There are 12 different spiders in this little mini pack too.

Just something to make it more fun to learn some cool stuff.

Spider Types Bracelets

If one is opposed to wearing them it would be super easy to just link them up into chains for show and tell.  You can even use them as bookmarks.  Pretty versatile.

Yes, just wanted to share some new stuff I've been working on.

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