Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Day at the Beach

One of the most awesome things about coming back to WA are the beaches.

On the weekend we travelled down south to spend a day at Margaret River where I also picked up a beautiful set of books.  I was thinking of cycling them through with Charlotte.  It'd be a bit of a journey, but yes, imagine the ground we would cover with every story in this set.

And after the bookshop and a walk down and up the main street we drove out to Gracetown so that we could spend some time at the beach on the way back home.

It's quite beautiful in places down there.

Loved the water, even though it was quite cold.

The children really enjoy their water time.

I love the crisp clearness of the water too.

And while the photos don't show it, { I was diligent to omit them } there were quite a few people down in this busy little alcove as well.

Yes, a beautiful day out.

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