Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Homeschool Update Phebe

Today we do a little talk about Phebe.  She's 11 now. 

{ Phebe } 


Rod and Staff workbook 6.  At some point this year she'll make the jump over to book 7.  This curriculum is awesome because it's pretty much just a Bible survey about the main events.

{ English }

Currently using Christian Light Education { CLE } Grade 4.  When you are juggling several children it's essential to have as many open and go subjects that you can get.

{ Reading }
Mostly at her own leisure, but occasionally I'll put a book in her hands.

{ Maths }

This year Phebe continues to work on Saxon 6/5.  She's almost done.  In fact she's past the 100th lesson.  There are only 120 lessons in the book.  And then we'll pop her up to Saxon 7/6.

She also does maths online.  Awesome!

{ History }

This year Phebe has been using MOH II.  But, I think that I'm MOHed out, at least for the first two books.  So, during this little holiday break I'm going to find something else for us to use.

Synge is on my list as is Britain and Her Neighbours.

{ Science }

This year, like Chloe, we started something entirely new - and public school based. ie.  Australian.  It's Pearsons Science for her current grade level.  Read a chapter, look the experiments over, do a worksheet.  She wanted to do what Chloe was doing, so I obliged.

{ Geography }

I bought Daily Geography 6 for her to use.  It is American, but it was so easy to get, so that is why I choose that.  I may move to an Australian program at some point, but yes, that is what she is using at the moment.

{ Art }

We continue with randoms each and every Monday.  Everything from Australian birds, to flowers, to girl faces.  Next term I have some construction animals for them to assemble.

{ LOTE }

I want them to learn Greek.  We're still using Elementary Greek 1 and we keep the First Start French 1 in the drawer for rainy days.  No serious progress has been made in either book, but we do a little here and a little there.  Sadly, there is no Latin on the table.  It's not even on the horizon.  You may shed a tear for me if you are so inclined.

{ Australian History }

This year Phebe is working from a BLM from a RIC publication book.  She's pretty bored with it.  I have some gorgeous Australiana in books that I feel would prove to be a better resource though.  So, we'll see ---- I think there will be a change with it very soon.

{ Spelling }

After you've done a bunch of spelling books you tend to get a bit over them.  So this year I thought we'd just use Noah Websters Speller and dictate ten words to them each day.  Then they work on correcting mistakes.  Every so often there is a sentence dictation instead.   It's quick, easy, painless..... the way school should be.  :)

{ Randoms }

As you know I also throw in randoms.  This year they've done some stuff on spiders, horses, and salmon.  I just pick up pieces from the lapbooks for them.

{ Extra-curricular }

Phebe also does Pathfinders, which is the Seventh Day Adventist version of Scouts.  There is a TON of camping.  She loves it.  Best thing since sliced bread.

* * * * *

And that is pretty much it with Phebe.  I do try to keep the girls all running a very similar line, so I can keep it all going.

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