Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anchor Charts

This is my third anchor chart for Language Arts for Grade 1. 

Phebe has now finished a third workbook.  Yay~!!  

These are from Christian Light Education.  Each module has 2 quizzes and a test.  But I thought that I would get even more use out of the workbooks by cutting out the main topics from the lessons as well and making them into anchor charts for review later on.

On this side we covered things like:
Question Marks
Asking and Telling Sentences
The / ch / sound
Was and Were
The / ee / and / ea / sound
Then I had to turn the blue page over to get the rest in there.
So we also covered:
Rhyming Words
Not Contractions
/ ai / and / ay / sounds
I Am ( JOY - Jesus first, Others next, Yourself last when writing sentences. )  So basically put the / I / last when you have other people in the sentence with I.

I have also noticed that we are covering more and more ground in each module as we go.  It's quite amazing just how much there is to learn, even in grade 1.  These modules only take a couple of weeks to do too.
We are currently going to take a break from Language Arts so that Phebe can focus on finishing up her last 3 modules for Learning To Read.  Then that course will be finished and we can come back to the English.  She's still only 5, and I have to keep that in mind.

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