Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Watcha Reading

I just wanted to quickly pop on and share a reading program that I have used.

Do you read the Bible?

If yes, then this might help you.

I went and numbered my New Testament books 1 to 27.

Then on the 1st I would read as much of Matthew as I could.  Then on the 2nd I would read from Mark.  And I would work my way through the month by going through the New Testament.

That way one could easily read the entire New Testament within a month.  Yep, a single month.

The longest books were Matthew and Revelation taking about 3 hours each.

Yeah, so I just wanted to share that, since it was in my deleted blog archives - so I needed to just share it again, so that it is here.

Good things need to be repeated.

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  1. So, do you read a whole book in one day? Is that what you're saying?


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