Friday, August 24, 2012

More Mini Fold Ups

Seriously - this week was bad.   All of us at one point was down and out with a super bug of the flu of sorts.  The 4th round in the house this winter.  All the children ended up on antibiotics.  We quit daycare ( permanently ) for the 2 grandbabies.

The good news is that we gave Letrell a hair cut.  We also took both grandbabies off bottles and started using cups.  Working awesome~!!  I am so happy about that.  Amazing.  This means no more middle of the night feeds, which in turn is causing them to sleep better during the nights.   Their behaviour is also improved as well, but we totally cut all the lollies and junk.  Another bonus.  Yay~!!  And lastly - little Kadafi who really doesn't like to eat - EATS.  We sit him with the other children eating and he just joins in.  So happy about all the progress.  Finally, after 6 months of not going anywhere with it all.

But, I know coming here isn't all about me just talking family stuff with you,

it's about school stuff, so here are a couple of freebies for fun.  :o)

The letter / c /

The letter / d /


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  1. Hello Deborah, calling over from Jeanne's friend post this morning. I used to look in at your old blog but have never been here. Thanks for having me!


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