Thursday, September 5, 2013

Canning My Own Food

I've been eyeing off some canning ideas for a little while now, so the other day when we were out we just happened to notice that BigW was selling canning jars with bits and pieces, so hubby got me some to play with.

Today I did these:

Can't wait to do more.  I'm particularly interested in canning MEAT.  But I think I'll have to get a bigger pressure cooker for that, so that I can do more jars than just three at a time. :o)


  1. Do you have an over abundance of these things? were they bought cheap? I just can't see the value of preserving when fresh stuff is available unless you are growing your own?

  2. Nope, don't have an over abundance of these things { unless I buy them }. Nope, I don't consider the pressure cooker or jars to be cheap. Nope, didn't grow them either. ha ha ha ha, I just did it for fun. :o)

  3. I find it interesting that you call it canning. Is that influence from the Internet? I've never heard it referred to canning in Australia. We just call it 'preserving'.

  4. Yes, entirely I'm afraid. All that American influence I get from the internet. Guilty as charged. :o)

  5. Hi Ruby, i see your point. but canning/preserving/bottling can come in handy particularly in cases of illness/injury or unemployment or reduction in income. it also enables you to give to others who are going thru hard financial times or otherwise. And as times get harder, it can be a valueable skill to learn or teach to others for future reference.


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