Friday, September 6, 2013

Phonics chit chat

As you know I'm a big fan of PHONICS.  I have a reasonable collection of photocopy masters, and of course a bunch of stuff that I've put together as well.  I find it essential to teaching reading and spelling.  Yep, essential.

Today I just wanted to pop in and do a little show and tell with another Black Line Master from RIC Publications that we've been using over the last few weeks.  We're using it because it's easy, and it saves me a lot of time preparing for phonics lessons.  Right now my energy is focused on other areas.

The acitivities include:

identifying digraphs in words
matching words to pictures
covering and writing words
adding suffixes
unjumbling words
read and draw
word searches

Each worksheet is easy enough to be left with a child to do on their own, once they get the hang of the basic structure in the worksheets, and KNOW each digraph/sound/phonogram, of course.  We are using it as a way to practice the sounds that should already be known.

I currently have Chloe, Phebe, and Hannah each working through the book.

The ONLY activity that I do not like or agree with is the unjumbling, but we can easily SKIP those, and we do skip those.

Because it is a teacher Black Line Master it also comes with curriculum links for each State;

an activity overview for each individual digraph;

a class record sheet;

lists of phonic words found in the book; and

test sheets featuring the digraphs covered.

There are also 3 other books in the same series.

38 pages.

This is NOT a review.  This is a show and tell.  :o)

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