Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A cool thing that I've been adding more and more to our school room are jigsaws.  I recently picked up this book of jigsaws for the girls to use.  I found it at Koorong.  They had a whole series of them to choose from.

Each jigsaw has an accompanied story on the left hand side.

I like how the pieces ( shapes of the jigsaw pieces ) change from picture to picture.

Under where the jigsaw sits on each page is a faint outline to help place the pieces in the right spot.  This takes the stress out and makes it easier for the children.

The girls have been making great progress with doing the jigsaws.  Chloe is quick to find the corners and sides and start with those now.  After that they come together very quickly.  I like that.  It gives her a sense of ability, competence, and satisfaction that she can do it.

Do you do jigsaws in your class?

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  1. Yep. Love jigsaws. We have a great one happening at the moment.

  2. We love jigsaws! Will have to look out for these next time we're at koorong.


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