Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Repurposing old hard covered books.  Not only repurposing them, but actually going to a second hand store to purchase a couple of old hard covered books with the intention to RIP ALL the pages out - never to even read.  Yep.  I really did that.

Here's the big one I got.  There was really nothing wrong with the book.

 But I ripped out all the pages anyway.  LOL

While I was out I also picked up a packet of these:

 And when I came home I went through my paper stash and pulled these out.

Then I went to work.  I covered the front of the book with my pretty paper.

 Then used my guillotine to cut my overhead transparencies to make POCKETS on top.

Yep, I was making a POCKET chart.  Here's what can fit in it - the cards are 6 x 4 so that gives a bit of an indication as to what size cards will fit.

 And it stands up~!!   Admittedly it isn't as big as the ones you can get for classrooms, but I think it shall work awesome for us here at home.

This is my basic pocket chart - and how I made it.  Now to make ones that will do a calendar, other bits and pieces, and my sentence maker.

Thanks for visiting~!! :o)


  1. very clever! and pretty too!

  2. Thank you~!! :o)

    Super handy for memory verses.

  3. Great idea. Do you have any ideas for the pictures on the torn out pages?

  4. No, no ideas for the torn out pages. I'm afraid they ended up in the bin.


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