Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Have you ever wondered what it's like in my house in the mornings?

It's a little chaotic you know.

For at least the first hour or so.

So, into the kitchen, pull out the bowls.  2 weet-bix for you, that's one done.  A bowl of cornflakes for you, there's another.  Oh, and you want weet-bix too?   Ok, great.  Little boy also wants weet-bix.  Time for other adults to get up and join the party.  Oh - you want a second bowl?  Sure, can you wait 2 mins for me to stop feeding the baby?  Sure dad, I'll take a cup of tea.  You are so sweet to me, making me eggs on toast.  Have you had breakfast?  Are the older boys up yet?

Oh stop.  This post is NOT about breakfasts at my house?  It's not?  Ok.....

It's actually about some Farm theme worksheets that we experimented with.

These first two were done by Hannah.  They were simple match the words to the picture exercises by cutting and pasting.

Ref:  Farm Activities

This next one was done by Phebe.  This particular worksheet was a cut and paste of the pictures to the main page.  This meant that she had to match the pictures to their names first.  Once glued onto the correct boxes she then had to copy the name of the farm animals.  

I dunno what it is with coloring - or rather the lack of it sometimes.  Some days are good color in days.  Some days not so much.  Maybe they are OVER schooled.  She did enjoy the cutting and pasting though. :o) 

Ref: Farm Activities

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