Friday, June 8, 2012

Remember a few days ago when I showed you my home made pocket chart?   Well, I continued to experiment and make another.

Here's another "nothing wrong with it" book.  I choose it for it's solid cover.  Yes, I did rip out all the pages.   It doesn't hurt them to be ripped.  They don't scream or move or anything.  So feel free to try it some time.  :o)

 I found some really nice, not in your face patterned paper that would work well as a background.  That's important.

This time I decided to work along the lines of my sentence maker.  I made a paper one a few years ago and had that sitting in a cupboard.  I dug out a few little cards and then cut my transparencies to fit them.   I got 4 rows for this one.  I adhered the transparencies with double sided tape.  That way it's almost invisible.

On the other side of the book I had bigger pockets.  This time I had 3 rows.  I put a few cards in to show where the pockets were and what type of cards I could use in it.

Because it's a book - it can stand up alone.  When I'm done, I just close the book and pop it away.

In addition to the above I also made a couple of calendar card sets.

In the file the bug and the numbers are really nice colors.

 But I don't have a colored printer at the moment so I had to settle for a black and white version.

 I made two different themes.  Printed, laminated and cut them out.

Each theme has the month, days of the week, and a set of numbers.

 And they fit awesome into the pocket chart.

So what do you think?  Have I missed my calling in life?  Have you been doing any crafty cool stuff lately?

Thanks for visiting~!!  :o)

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