Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lacing Boards.

We've had our current lacing boards for a while now, but that doesn't seem to make them any less interesting to do.  My girls still love them, and they get pulled out pretty regularly.  I store them in the jigsaw box.   Perhaps I'll do a post on the jigsaw box one day.  I have all sorts of things in there.   Oddly enough not all the jigsaws, but I digress.

So at any rate, I thought that I might like to make a few more ( lacing cards that is ), just for fun, since I can.  It was really just an excuse to use my laminator, which I've been using quite a lot lately.  Don't think that I'll ever get tired of using it.

Oh yes, back to the lacing boards.  I bought some cute little cliparts recently that would work extremely well for this project.

1.  Choose your clipart ( these ones are from KPM Doodles ).  Print them up on pretty colored paper.

2.  Run them through the laminator, then cut them out.

 3.  After that clip the holes in.  And voila - it's done.

A quick and easy project, but one that we will get quite a bit of use out of.  Great for preschool and fine motor skills.

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  1. I LOVE lacing boards. They are so great for developing fine motor skills. :) Yours turned out cute.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life
    P.S. your girls are adorable :)


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