Monday, June 11, 2012

Do you remember these?

Well, I went and added some labels.  Nothing fancy.  I just used some craft punches and a sharpie to get the job done.  They are stuck on the outside of the box, so if I ever change the inside contents it is going to be a cinch to change the label too.  :o)  And it won't affect the pretty paper in the boxes either.  Awesome~!!

 Up close with one of the labels.  The outer edge is scalloped.

Up close with one another one. I thought the gacky olive green went well with the patterned paper.

What they look like from a different angle.  :o)

Thanks for visiting~!!  :o)


  1. Keep going - you're inspiring me little by little. Love your Victorian Readers peeking through there...


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