Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Oh my~!!  Now where did the last month go?  I remember doing last months link up - and BAM - we are back with another one.  And that, my friend is a GOOD thing.  :o)

 Little Miss 7 learning to ski for the first time.  :o)

My little itsy bitsy 10 month old baby.

Grace for the Moment.  A morning and evening devotional.

I really like it because it is quick and easy to get to.  Time is a valuable thing in my house and I don't have hours to sit and just read uninterrupted or without distraction.  I also like that it has a small journal space.  I don't use the journal part because I want the book available for everyone in the house, but it's good to think about the questions that he is asking.  :o)

Oh and I really love it's vintage presentation.  A beautiful book.

I'm not reading any professional development books, unless teacher manuals are included.  LOL  I've always got them open.  :o) 

I hope you will come and join up with Farely's Currently this month.  :o)

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