Monday, July 30, 2012

Grade 10

Here is what I have lined up for Master 15 for next year at the moment.  This will be at a Grade 10 level.
Maths for approximately 1 - 2 hours per day.

If all else fails he could always use MEP.  I just don't want to have to buy another textbook.

 * * * * *
Writing for 1 hour - on anything that he wants to write about.  At the moment I am thinking that he will mind map/outline for 10 mins before beginning, and then wind up with about 10 mins for presentation at the end.

 * * * * *
Then 2 hours of reading per day.  The reading will be divided up into 3 main categories.  40 mins each.  History, Doctrine, and Literature.

Here are a couple of the History resources.





We'll also use Synge Book III,


and these too.

That will probably cover most if not all of History for the year. Although his interest might be piqued, and if that is the case we can always add other books from that era.

  * * * * *
Then we will use books like this for his Doctrine (Bible is a given).  I figure we'll just have select readings.

I think we shall pick and choose bits and pieces from books like these too.

And a few things from here as well.  Nothing too taxing, just a few of them.