Sunday, July 15, 2012

History for Grade 1

Today I'd like to do a quick sampling of some of Phebe's recent History.  This is at a Grade 1 level.  

We use Mystery of History and Story of the World.  Yep, both of them.  We also use the History Through the Ages timeline materials.  That's where these pictures come from.

She's heard about Macbeth,

 and The Battle of Hastings.

Henry IV and his problems with the Pope.

 She's heard of a few encounters about the Crusades as well.

This man is Peter Waldo.

 Stories like Eleanor's spark her princess imagination.

 And Robin Hood and his lovely Maid Marian also give cause for dress me ups.

There are days that we also add map work as well.

We also read other books to add a bit more depth on particular people.

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