Monday, July 2, 2012

Giveaway at Mrs Stanfords Class

Jessica is having a HUGE giveaway over at her blog~!!

This is one of those giveaways that you wont want to miss.  So head over and get yourself some entries.  :o)


I've even got one of my books in there too - up for grabs for the winner.

Have you ever seen my Phonics Workbook?

It's got a massive 140 pages of printables in it~!!  The whole book is based on 70 Phonograms. Each phonogram has 2 worksheets to practice that sound.

Yeah, so for your chance to win a copy of this book and a HUGE BOOTY of other teacher books RUN CLICK over to Jessica's blog and make as many entries as you can~!!

Totally worth it.  Have fun~!!

I can't wait to check out what all the other ladies are offering.  I just had a peek and WOW, I was totally blown away with the amount of booty and the quality of the other ladies products.

PS.  I will have a cool FREEBIE tomorrow on my blog - just a small thank you for all my followers.  :o)

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