Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grade 1 LA Anchor Chart Update

When we first started using Christian Light Educations Grade 1 Language Arts curriculum for Phebe { 6 }, I made it a point to collect the introduction to new material after I'd taken out the quizzes and test.

I just cut them out and stuck them on some blue paper for me to laminate.

We now have nine A4 back to back pages of topics that we've covered, and we haven't even finished the course yet.  

When school resumes on Monday { we've just had two weeks off } Phebe will be taking a little detour with her LA course so that we can review what's already been covered.  That's when these little Anchor Charts will come in handy.

Then after we've done that for a couple of weeks or so we'll continue on with the remainder of the course.

I'll also be spending some time with her to focus on spelling rules and copy work as well. 

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