Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 12

This week we had a few different things begin and end.

This week our 2nd term ended.  Yep, our second set of 6 weeks, come and gone.  We are now about to start our 2 weeks vacation.

Phebe got done with Singapore Maths 1 and started Christian Light Education - Grade 1, workbook 5.  I had the second half of the set just sitting here so I figured that she should use it.  :o)

The week went well and I think it is a good match for her.

She also got to start Touch Maths' touch points.

Hannah did this little worksheet.  { It's from a book I bought online from TpT }

Chloe started a new Science module.

Phebe started a new reading book.  This is a serious jump up for her.  I am hoping that she can go the distance with it, but if she can't we may have to detour a little more with some other readers.

Hannah finished her reading book.  I have a great selection of books to choose from for her next reading.  What to pick?  What to pick?

Chloe finished Children's Music Journey 1.  She has now started Children's Music Journey 2.  We are still loving all these lessons.  Phebe is now up to lesson 23, and Hannah is up to 18.  I am almost finished with CMJ 2 at lesson 53.

Don't want to pay huge money for piano lessons?

Don't have time to travel for lessons either?

This will probably be my BEST recommendation for a curriculum this year.  That is how much we LOVE and use it.

You might even want to read my Children's Music Journey 1 review.

Phebe started a new Science module.  These are so handy to have because it takes all the prep work out for me.  They also include quizzes and end of book tests.  Gotta love that.

Phebe took her Quiz 1 for 102 this morning and scored 94%.  Not too bad, there was one little question that she didn't quite understand.

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