Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Book Delivery

Today was box day.   It wasn't a very big box mind you, but it was  an important one.

In it held two books.

The first being the latest installment of the Millers series.  Lovely short devotions with moral lessons and scriptural truth for children.

The second book:  Martyrs Mirror

Apparently Koorong tells people that this book is Out Of Print.  I know because while in South Australia I went to Koorong and asked if they had a copy.  Nope - they didn't, AND they said it was OOP.

Never mind - I found a place that sells them brand new and still in their shrink wrap.  :o)  So of course I ordered myself one.  A beautiful book on the inside, and great are the accounts of those who have gone before us that encourage us to endure to the end.  A timely read for those of us in the last days with tribulation almost upon our doors.

Do you own a copy of Martyrs Mirror?

ps.  I quit facebook again - I soooo badly need a rest from that horrid place.  { Just in case anyone was wondering. }


  1. I listened to someone speaking on the life and legacy of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards. They made and are STILL making a massive impact on the world for Christ and all without FB lol. I'm glad I quit as well. One less thing taking up time in my life. :-)

  2. Have you heard of the Melbourne conference that is coming up in June?

  3. Yep, and we are going. May not make it on the Friday, but will be there on the Saturday. :-)

  4. Yay~!! We are going too. Hopefully we can find some time to hang out. :o)


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