Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just a bit of a math chat

     When you're newly turned 8 the last thing you want to be doing each day is a ton of maths sums.  So this led me to making a deal with her.  Yep, sorry, I'm weak like that.  The deal was that if she did the first 2 rows correctly she would be free to leave the remainder of the page undone.  Forever.  But if I found any mistakes I would have to sit with her and walk her through another row, and then have her try another row by herself.  If she still got any mistakes then I would sit with her again and do another row of walk throughs and again let her try them out.  Well, that was the deal.  We've been working on this deal for a little while.  That way if there are genuine learning issues that need to be addressed I can get them addressed.  If she doesn't need to waste time doing the work, { once she has proven she is competent } well then, why put her through all that torture?

So here's her work for this morning:

She did BOTH rows without a single mistake.  That made both of us very  happy, not to mention shorten the lesson time considerably.  We did have to have a couple of mins discussion on the clocks { who knew skip counting by 5's would give a child so much more confidence and happiness when working out time? } and 1/2 dozen but wow, what an awesome lesson.  Doing a happy dance in my mind.

As for the big boys - good call on what I'm serving up this week.  It has been working most excellent.  Daniel and I had a heap of fun yesterday working through one of his skill sheets.  I really enjoyed myself.  I think Daniel really enjoyed me working through them with him too - as opposed to me just giving him the work and letting him just try and work it all out without me.  Might do a show and tell for him tomorrow.

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