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Knowledge Quest Sacajawea EBook Review

     As many of you know, Knowledge Quest are well known for their Maps and Timelines that they offer to the homeschooling community.  What some of you may not know is that they also offer Interactive Historical Novels which are written to engage the childs imagination and make history come alive.

     I have recently had the pleasure of reading one of their Historical Novels called Sacagawea by Karla Akins.  

     Follow the amazing and true life story of famous Shoshone Indian Sacagawea on her journey from being stolen from her family and tribe, to becoming a slave for another Indian tribe, to being sold as a wife to a Frenchman, to the meeting of Lewis and Clark and joining their expedition.  Experience her journey, the good and the bad.

     I received the pdf version of this book.  Knowledge Quest also sells a kindle version as well.

{ About the Book }

  • Title: Sacagawea
  • Written by: Karla Akins
  • Presentation: Pdf ebook; Easy to read double spaced lines.  Includes 4 illustrations { 2 drawings / 1 map used twice }  Interactive links included so you can detour for visual learning.
  • Offered as: 4 shorter sequential episodes - Stolen, Passage, Survival, and Equal; also offered as a single and complete novel. 
  • Audience: 8 - 14 years
  • Chapters: 16 
  • Pages: 112

{ What We Thought }

     Since we love History so much in our home it was a great addition to our read aloud time.  My 7 year old particularly became very interested in the story of Sacagawea.  My 6 year old also had moments of intense interest.  Especially at the end of chapters.  Karla does a great job of keeping interest and encouraging listeners to want to know what happens next.

     The story itself is very well suited in style for a junior audience.  Although there were some really gross parts in it like the men eating dogs.  Overall I thought she did a very clean job of it.  

     I also thought she covered more sensitive parts with careful consideration as well, in particularly the way in which Sacagawea became married, and had a child.  These issues are included in the story, but are carefully worded to respect the minds of young children.

     Historically thoughtful.  The author does not gloss and glamorize the journey taken.  When things got tough, they also got included in the story, including brushes with death, hail storms, and the flea infestations. 

     The author also uses an applicable language style which would be found within true language barriers.  She also takes time to introduce the reader to Native Indian words, terms, and beliefs.   This gives the book integrity, and adds a genuine and realistic view of Sacagaweas life story.

     Knowledge Quest offers a FREE sample chapter for reading.

     This book would make a great introduction or addition to any Lewis and Clark history.  Even for us international History lovers.

     The Complete Sacagawea Saga is now available on for $3.99.   Or purchase each episode individually for $1.49 each.  Purchase through Knowledge Quest.

     Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to tour Knowledge Quest for additional information about these and other products; and check out some other awesome reviews as well.

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