Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Desk

Todays the day that I get to show you my DESK.


This is where I am sitting while I write up this post.  :o)

{ The whole desk, minus the chair }

{ Top shelf }

I was running out of places to put books, so some of them ended up here.  Scrap paper on the far left.

{ Middle Shelf }

Handy Dandy Useful things like abacus, more plastic money, cards, counters, and pens.

{ Bottom Shelf }

This years MOH textbook.  An English textbook.  Some Greek curriculum { Elementary Greek }.  Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1.  Scissors in the back, pencils in the front.  My new flash cards all separated into their proper collections.  Black Beauty for Chloe somewhere along the line.  Daniels old scripture journey { that I made, but might use the concept to make a different ones for the girls }.

{ The Top Drawer }

Old, old, old flash cards.  Stapler, hole punch, a couple of cords.  See the A5 piece of paper with writing on it?  Yep, that's my list of blog post ideas that I want to do in August.  Underneath are the girls book reading logs { mine } they have separate ones for themselves.

{ The Bottom Drawer }

Filing. All sorts of things really. School worksheets and what nots to be a bit more clearer.  NO household filing.  Just school stuff.

I hope you enjoyed a quick walk through at my desk. :o)

What's in yours?

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