Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Read, Understand, and Write

Here's another BLM that I picked up a couple of weeks ago in that bundle from RIC Publications.  I actually picked up 2 of them. I already had book 3 sitting on my shelf but thought that it was just a little out of Chloe's reach academically.  So, I figured I'd get the first two books for her to use in the mean time.  Then somewhere down the track I can use them for the remainder of the girls as well. :o)

The first book is for ages 7 - 8.

Each fable starts off with a reading.  They have cute little whimsical drawings for the children to color in as well, if they want.

Then there's a simple cloze exercise.

They also do a couple of dictionary words in each one too followed by a writing activity.

There are a few different types of exercises within the book.  So there is a nice variety.

At the end of each fable/module is a Read and Think page, and at the very bottom of that page is an extension activity as well.

This is the 3rd fable in the book for a total of 10 fables.

Activities include:

Finding the main idea
character study
Story maps
Letter writing
Dictionary skills
Text analysis

It's main focus is reading comprehension and writing.

I think that it's at a good level for Chloe at the moment.  It is definitely challenging for her in places. { particularly in the writing department }

She really likes them though, so that is nice.  I just hope her writing starts improving.

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