Friday, August 9, 2013

Science - Grade 1

Recently I had both Chloe and Phebe doing grade 3 science together.

But then I had a good think about that, and decided that it would be much better to team up Phebe and Hannah with grade 1 science instead.

So - when school resumes on Monday - they'll be doing this:

I figured that it would make life easier in the science department.

So, I've got some already printed and good to go:

I've got 3 modules printed for each.  Phebe in the red covers, Hannah in the blue covers.

A sample page of what's inside.  They keep it pretty simple.  Not a lot of writing either, so I really like that, and I am sure that the girls will really like it too.

In all seriousness, can't wait for Monday, full stop.


  1. That looks so cool! love your homeschooling ideas. :-)

  2. Good, you always share great ideas!


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