Friday, August 2, 2013

Update on Hannah's Maths

Just a quick little note about Hannah's Grade 1 maths.  She's been happily using Rod and Staff.  We really like it.  It provides a LOT of practice for drilling those basic facts.  Even though there are a lot of sums in any given lesson, I find that Hannah can usually pull off a couple of lessons on any given day without too much effort.  This has been good as it has meant that she could move forward quickly.

Now having said all that, I'm not going to make her do anymore from the current book, even though the book isn't entirely finished.

Nope, and here's why,

She can:

Add to 10 Family
Subtract to 10 Family
Count by 5's
Count by 10's
Count by 2's
Beginning to count by 3's
She knows before and after by 1's
She can count before and after by 5's
Clocks to the hour
Clocks to the half hour
Basic measurement inches 
Money by 5's
Money by 10's
Money by 20's
Fractions 1/2
Fractions 1/3
Fractions 1/4
2 digit addition
2 digit subtraction
Bigger / Greater than
Smaller / less than

So I'm going to fast track her { for when school resumes } to her long desired and hard earned goal...........

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