Thursday, May 3, 2018

A World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

I am a firm believer in keeping jigsaws in the house for children, and for big children too by the way.  They are great little educational tools and can often be found rather cheaply too I must say.  Today's puzzle would be ideally suited for your primary aged children. 

This jigsaw comes from K-Mart with a very decent $5 price tag.

The pieces are pretty large, and therefore makes a nicely good sized floor puzzle.

This one in particular is a World Map.

There is a LOT of show and tell on this puzzle.

And little Australia is there too. One of the things that I liked are the colourful illustrations.  The illustrations in particular are matched to the country that they sit on, so this makes for a lovely educational resource as well.

K-Mart is a good place to pick up cheap but useful jigsaw puzzles.

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