Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Mail Day

Today I got some happy mail.

I got a new Henty for the shelves!  This one is printed by Dover, but for us internationals we can purchase them easily through bookdepositoryIt is the story of Wulf the Saxon.  I am planning on reading it to Charlotte as soon as we are done with William the Conqueror. 

This is the year that Charlotte is doing Medieval, and I am hoping to get as many read aloud books from that time frame done as I can.

Additionally, I also picked up this coloring book as well.
I keep eyeing off a lot of their coloring books actually, but yes, cost and postage and all that.

Each person would easily make a single lesson on their own.  Plenty to color and there is also a passage about the person and their inventions included.

Well, I'm off to peruse these lovely additions.
And hopefully get the remainder of the school day concluded as well.

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