Friday, May 4, 2018

Setting Up Our First Montessori Environment

This week I set up our first dedicated Montessori Environment / Shelf for Noah { 3 }.

How the shelf looks all together:

Wooden Place value numbers and phonogram cards on top.  I really wanted them super easy access to encourage frequent use.

I also put his work tray on the top too.  Here I have 4 activities available to try out.  We'll also be using this tray for all sorts of things, including our salt work.

1.  Picture and alphabet matching
2. Upper and lowercase alphabet matching
3. Number and value matching
4. Numeral matching

Inside these tubs I have alphabet sets and peg clip cards.

Down below I have allocated a tub for his Touch Math numerals and foam dots.

On this shelf I placed a wooden base 10 set and his salt
{ for tray work }. 

On the left I put in a little clip board and pad/pen in case he wants to have a little scribble.  On the right a jigsaw and some counting cards.

Down the bottom we have sorting trays and rocks.  I also have a couple of mats for him to use when he takes activities to the table.

On the left are sorting tubs and little plastic ice cubes.  On the right I have some face washers for folding.

And of course a tub full of wooden jigsaws.

Playdough tools, envelopes full of Montessori activities { most too advance for him currently, but he'll move into them eventually. }

Yes, so that is today's set up.  As we start progressing through activities I am sure to add and subtract to the shelf, but I am very happy to have made a start.  

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