Monday, May 7, 2018

Grade 1 Rod and Staff Reading and Phonics Unit 5

When you make school work a form of currency, you can bet that you are going to finish sooner rather than later.  In our case Charlotte finished quite a bit sooner - it helps when you have special chocolate available in your 'shop' for your child to earn money and purchase.

Today Charlotte { 6y9m } will begin the Grade 1, Unit 5 of the Rod and Staff Reading and Phonics.

Yep, they consider this to be Grade 1 work....  I am quite impressed by their ambition, but I'm pretty confident that Charlotte will be able to do the work just fine.  It is a step up from the previous book but now we'll be reading full on stories each and every day.

The first phonics lesson for unit 5.  It actually goes over to a second double page set up as well.  So 4 pages are devoted to some sort of phonics each day.

And the reading workbook - which is just 2 pages for each lesson and compliments the reading text.

And that brings us to only 60 more days before Grade 1 will be entirely done and dusted in the reading and phonics departments.

These early years just go by so quickly.

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