Wednesday, May 9, 2018

When Plutarch is Entirely Too Difficult

What does one do when original Plutarch is entirely too difficult and overwhelming?  { even for mum }

You pull out a children's version, yes, yes, you do.  And you don't let anyone else persuade you from it either.

Well first, you actually need to find an awesome clean and nicely formatted children's pdf version.  Then you print it out - back to back - and you staple it all up so that it's a book.

This particular version is written by F. J. Gould.

The chapters are quite short, which means that the child can read it for themselves.

Gould also has one for the Romans too.  

Now, if we look at it like this we'll see the benefit of using these particular books:  the child reads them on their own; they lay all the foundation for the stories in a more accessable manner.  

If you've ever read the real and unabridged Plutarch to your children and saw the glazed over lost and dimmed eyes - this would definitely be an option for your homeschool as well.  We want them to get something out of it, yes?

We'll get back to the real Plutarch, but it won't be this year.  

In the mean while we are going to get "comfortable" with him in a very easy way.

If you are interested in picking up a FREE copy of this particular book you can just click on any of the pictures above and the link will take you directly to where the book is available for download.

Happy Plutarch.
Let's not stress the children if we don't have too.  :)


  1. Wow. Thank you so very much. Much appreciated. I've been avoiding reading Plutarch because of this :) Will print and use this next week.

    1. We tried the real plutarch in the past, but yes, too difficult for us - and I think the children were just way too young. Then when adding it onto our already full school list of to do's, it was best to use this than to drop Plutarch off. This has been an awesome substitution. :)


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