Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cowboy Multiple Phonogram Games + { freebie }

Wow, 3 freebies in a row.  Don't forget to go and check out my last couple of posts.

But before we get there though I just want to do a quick little show and tell with my latest offering.

I am particularly fond of the Spalding method as are quite a number of very well to do spelling curriculums that are available these days.  They've discovered the same thing that I've known for nearly 20 years.  Phonics and rules work.

It even has recording worksheets as well.  Feel free to use them anyway that works for your student.  Please know that I tweak them to suit my individual children.  Miss 3 currently only writes out her sounds as she travels around the board.  Miss 7 writes the sound on one side and her word with that sound on the other side.  Ideally it is designed for the child to write a word and underline the phonogram sound in the word.  Just use them according to the ability of your student/s.

Two recording sheets per page.

{ For your FREE sample just click the worksheet below. }

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  1. I can't believe how cute your worksheets are. It makes me so sad I don't have little kids to teach anymore. I began homeschooling in the early 90's when there were few resources and the internet was a mystery to use. I appreciate that you are generous and give away so many things to bless other families with.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to using these with my little guy at home. They are so cute and will make our phonics practice a bit more fun!
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  3. This is such a cute game! Thank you


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