Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Blackboard

I was busy surfing some blogs the other day, as you do,  when I came upon a project done by another homeschooling mum.   Sometimes you find things that are just the most perfect little projects for your own home.  As soon as I saw it I just KNEW that I would do it too.

I took the two middle glass panes out of my kitchenette so that I could replace them with home made blackboards.

The great part about this project is how quick and easy it was.

I got hubby to cut me down two pieces of wood that would fit.  Then I painted them with black chalkboard paint.  

This morning I put them in the frames and wrote our first verses on them.     

Oh, and if you've been blog hopping like me you'll see another little project idea sitting on the bottom right hand side as well.   LOL

AND tomorrow I will have ANOTHER project idea to share as well.  That one involves a colored printer, a laminator, and some magnets.

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