Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 6

The weeks just wizz by don't they?

This week we continued with phonogram work for Phebe.

Phebe asked me for some extra "fun" school work, so I gave her this to do.

Phebe finished her LA 105 book.  I almost cried when she forgot when to use oi / oy.  She lost a lot of marks for things I was hoping that she had thoroughly learnt and would remember.

Chloe continued to learn more about paragraphs and outlining.  This week she looked at parallel construction.  And all this work on paragraphs / outlines is really starting to pay off BIG time.  I have noticed that when she is required to write a paragraph now that it is coming much EASIER. I have also noticed her attitude to it has improved immensely as well.  I guess having a skill gives not only the ability to do something but also the confidence too.


For History this week we marched right on through SOTW III - Chapter 9.

The girls used the coloring page from the companion guide to trace a picture to go with their copywork.

 I had to laugh when I saw Phebes eye.

Hannah cheered me up with this:

Can you believe that my 3 year old has done 3 workbooks from this course already?  She sounds out words so well.  I am always delighted when hearing her work out the words.

Last but not least, Little Miss discovered the keyboard and has been having a heap of fun with it.  In fact ALL the children have been having turns at making "noise".

Now that we've done our first 6 weeks of school it's time to have a couple of weeks off.  So that's what we'll be doing over the next fortnight.  I'll still be blogging though.  I might miss a couple of days, with family visiting and all, but I'll still try to find some things to chat about.  :o)

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  1. Time does fly by so quickly. I found your post at Homeschool Creations. Amazing results with your 3 year old.

  2. It is amazing what kids will learn when given the opportunity! You little honey is ADORABLE!!
    The Moffatt Girls


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