Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cowboy Spelling { freebie }

I'm taking the last few days of our break as slowly as I can.  Doesn't really say much for relaxing, since my days are still really full on.  

The two older girls continue to do some maths, and pretty much the whole family has gotten into music.  We've had some really fantastic new additions to our curriculum recently.  This has resulted in the girls enthusiasm for these two subjects being high on the charts.  So I've just been making the most of it. :o)

This week I was putting together a new play form for Chloe's ABC Order work for when she does spelling.  The one I made last term was a bit squishy as I tried to get two lots of ABC order on the one page.  So for this term I thought that I'd just put one set on each page and see how that goes.

Then I thought of all of you.

Yes, yes I did.

So then I tweaked it a little more and made a generic worksheet so that anyone can use it with any list of words.

I hope you like 'Cowgirl' as a theme.  :o)

Just click the worksheet to download your FREE copy.

During the course of the next term I am hoping to add some different pictures to keep giving it fresh new looks.  You can never go wrong with cute graphics.  :o)

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