Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making Spelling Resources

Sometimes it's nice to make your own resources.  That way you may get what you want faster, or cheaper, or both.  Oh, and have the satisfaction that comes from you putting it together yourself.  :o) 

This idea was sparked from seeing a neat and handy spelling tool on a commercial spelling website.   I thought to myself, I understand what they are trying to do with that{ I have never seen the product in real life but I got the gist of it just by seeing parts of it }, so why don't I just make my own little version of it?  

Here's how I've teamed up my sounds with the colors:

White for consonants and short vowels.
Red for long vowels.
Light green for multiple phonograms.
Dark green for suffixes.
Blue for my *h digraphs.
Purple for prefixes.

I'm still tweaking the idea - because even though I understand the basic idea, I need to make sure that I get all the pieces right so that it works. I'm also going to add some big dots too - so we can use them as dividers for syllabification.

I think visually seeing the spelling words in their colors will totally enhance their understanding of HOW the word is put together.

I keep all the unused cards here:

Have I left anything out that should be in?   


  1. That looks fabulous, Deborah! Really clever idea. I love that the different sounds are on different colours as well - great for visual learners.



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