Friday, February 1, 2013

History Week 5

It always amazes me just how much History this house covers each week.

This week the big boys worked on MOH III - Lessons 13, 14, and will do 15 today.

What an awesome week to do Art Appreciation.

Lesson 13


Lesson 14

I also ask the boys to do a quick outline as they go for each chapter too - that way they have something to draw upon for when it is essay time.  :o)  

I do expect an History essay each week.  They choose one of the topics that they've covered that week and write about that.

The girls continued with SOTW III.

I am starting to think that I leave the History too late in the day to get any good bookwork from them.  What to do, what to do?

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  1. History is our most favorite subject here at my house. We've used MOH alongside Sonlight and we've also used SOTW. In elementary school we did lots of discussion and oral narration along with timelines and map work but I didn't require outlines or essays. We did some of the activities from MOH and SOTW. At the high school level I start asking for more outlines and more formal written narrations (or essays) but we still do lots of discussions. I am so excited to be following you!


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