Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Update

This week we had family come for a visit.  My mum, my sister, and her two daughters.  Michelle also came for a couple of days.  The little boys were here too.  This brought the house count up to 15.   Don't you just love meal time with that many people?  The house actually ran better and cleaner while they were here than when not.  More grown up hands on board.  :o)

They brought the girls new dresses.  The dresses pretty much go to the ground.  All the girls LOVE them.

Chloe in her new dress.

Phebe, Hope, Hannah.


Charlotte in a basket.

We still have one more week of break before we resume full time school.  Chloe will still be doing some maths though, and MUSIC.  Yep, we are doing music.   We are all doing music - a piano keyboard.  It's so new and novel that they are constantly lining up in a round robin to do music lessons.  We've had the keyboard for a while, but none of us have been able to make it work in the sense of learning how to play it. But now with some new software - wow~!!   There's a lot of us using the keyboard.  Daniel, Caleb, Chloe, Phebe, Hannah, and myself.   Hubby reckons he's going to do some as well.  The only one not doing music - piano keyboard is Charlotte, but I know she wants to.  Her little fingers keep trying to join in.

* * * * * * *

I've started struggling with memorizing Psalm 71.  This week I totally fell off the wagon.  We had a lot of different things happening at my house, so the routine was changed.

I went ahead and made a new card yesterday though, so I will just try to pick up here and keep going.

Here's this weeks new memory verse.


  1. How lovely to have had so much family together! Always wonderful times & children love that sense of belonging!

  2. Yes, they can't wait for us to get all together again. :o)


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