Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Today I decided that we really needed to get back to doing some more work on that Ant theme.
So we all 4 of us snuggled up while I read this book.
The girls were really interested in the book.  They love PICTURE books.

Then I pulled out some printables that I got off the internet.
I picked up these worksheets from Erica Bohrer.  Just click HERE if you want to go visit her blog and have a look at her Ant theme.


If you'd like to grab a copy of these free worksheets from Erica - click HERE.  This link will take you to these particular freebies that she has there.

And no Ant theme is quite complete unless you make little ants and paint them, right?


And Ta Da - voila~!!  And in no time at all 3 little ants were created.
The girls chose to do them in pink and purple.  I guess they didn't think that the ants needed to be black?
The girls also used a circle punch to make these little ants.

At least the girls know a little more about ants now.  I don't think much more, but a little more.

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